Letter the first

Dear sir / madam

I thoroughly enjoyed reading of you manuscript / poem / play / article / story and felt that the use of metaphor / description / dialogue / verve / words showed true spirit / imagination / ability / fire  / guts.  However, it is my most unpleasant duty to inform you that despite all this we will be unable to use the piece in our magazine due to editorial / creative / liable reasons.  We also feel you may benefit from further developing your spirit / imagination / ability / fire  / guts, but do not be disheartened and please continue to submit your drivel / ravings / witless ranting, which will no doubt eventually earn you the respect / esteem / tolerance of your peers / your audience / a small dead sparrow.

your sincerely

Roy Smith


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2 responses to “Letter the first”

  1. Robbie says :

    A fantastic start! Really sets the mood and make me LOL

    I look forward to reading more 🙂

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