The fifth

To whom it may concern

Please find the draft you sent us. On this occaision we will have to decline. I am afraid I have never heard of you and see no reason that anybody would be interested in what you have to say or your stories, which I must add offer no insight into the lives of anyone that really matters and were quite dull. If you wish to pursue this career further I really suggest you get out a bit more and get yourself seen. You might want to try dating an actress or pop star or at the very least enroll on a reality show or something, don’t you think the people might think you a little wierd sitting around making stuff up and writing it all down? People want the truth, they want hard luck turned good, they want to hear about the lives of interesting people. They want to know whose sleeping with who and who fought who over whatever it was they fell out over in the first place. Besides, I can’t see anyone reading more that 200 pages in one book, can you?

Ps consider changing your name

The company



One response to “The fifth”

  1. Jingo says :

    Very current, when will the celebrity not rule the world? When we cull the idiots.

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