I take it that you are accustomed to working at your own pace, as your piece for our magazine arrived yesterday a day short of a year behind the deadline. I have only bothered to reply as I am absolutely flumoxed by your bare faced cheek in turning work with such tardiness. What’s more it was with dismay that I noted the lack of attention you had applied to your squalid prose. It is rife with spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes that would make a six year old blush; the paper appears to have been torn from a wall and reeks of old fish and I could barely see the point of an article about the risks of the y2k bug in 2010 anyway. I politely suggest that you take a long look at yourself and ask whether there might be a better way for you to waste your time on this planet than annoying me.




About Roy Smith

Roy Smith lives in the Medway Towns, where he works with young people and spends a lot of time writing nonsense and enjoying himself. Most of his writing happens at night and other inconvenient moments, when he is regularly interrupted by his dog and the desire to play old video games.

One response to “h8te”

  1. Peter says :

    Some publishers just have no vision.

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