We were pleasantly suprised to see a dramatic improvement in both your style and content.  Compared to the rubbish your contemporaries are dishing out at the moment its a breath of fresh air, but at heart I have to admit that something still doesn’t feel right.  Despite your refreshing warmth and the novelty of that unexpected twist, I wonder whether any substance lies underneath your delicate prose.  Please, understand that I would hate for you to completely give up hope, it cheers me to think this material may eventually find an audience, and still, I must decline what could be a truly original piece of work.  Our competitors have big names lined up and without a proven track record I’ve no guarantee how you’ll stand up.  So, yet again, this months edition will feature one of the tired old hacks the public can’t seem to get enough of, as we all disappear in a bubble of mediocrity.  Think I might sell up.



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