Vines – 7th traveller

Walk confined in shaded spaces

on the hottest days of summer through the weary neglected path.

Stopping, occasionally, caught in meticulous inspection

the visitor calmly thinks.

The hurried words and uncertain movements

changes under foot and on the skyline, extend their inevitable reach.

Creeping alterations make brothers of the past

lost beyond restoration, but never truly lost at all.

Neglected, yes, but to what purpose,

leaves the city, questioning doubt.

Hear voices mark unfinished future

show a face or pleasant smile, to disguise unknown intentions.

Stroll past living death together

or breath the atmosphere combined.

A monarch or an author gathers

harvests words and power close,

both pray on citizens desire

to feel a higher call or purpose

and sell their flags at the highest price.

The storm strikes fiercest at the centre, beyond the oldest and the new

it rips at what may be intended and presents us with a vision blurred.

Though it fall to us to wonder, sculpted fresh or rotten tree

know the things placed here tomorrow, will soon fade replaced in perpetuity.


One response to “Vines – 7th traveller”

  1. slpmartin says :

    Rather interesting poem to think about….thanks for sharing it.

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