We have read your recent piece on prehistoric botany and enjoyed it greatly. I personally believe it to be the most important work on the subject written in the past hundred years, the section on the survival potential of certain species and how this reflects on our current situation contains elements that with appropriate research could save thousands of lives. Still, in these troubling times we have needed to economise at our little firm and tough decisions needed to be made, but all is not lost. The latest micro technology has enabled us to print the entire paper in full in a book no bigger than the head of a matchstick. This marvelous invention saves paper and ink, and I think you’ll agree makes for a competitive alternative to online publication. Once we have found the manuscript we will be putting it into mass production, sadly the cleaner may have knocked it out the window last Thursday and our garden search is yet to yield any success. Naturally, we shredded you original to save space, but if you could resend a copy, we promise not to lose it or burn it like the previous two.

Thanks for your patience.

Frugal and son


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