Vacuous at the idiots ballet,
tripping through words,
missing the meaning
and not for the reason of deconstructing truth,
but rather to eliminate the freedoms that exist therein.

An act of war, spitefully clawing at what little we have learnt and been able to construct through conversation, place and time.

They make us stupid with simple explanations that leave little left to question.

Printed on glossy photo-friendly,
with smiling children, tooth white in pastels;
it says behave.


One response to “BehAve”

  1. Jingle says :

    smart words…

    how are you?
    let me know after you are done:
    #1: return favor to poets who are here,
    #2: commented for 18 poets NEW to you,
    Happy Saturday!
    Thanks form the contribution!

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