I’m sure we’ve seen this all before, so lets move on and forget all about it, hmmm? Not that I’d accuse you of any kind of copying, but these trends will cycle as they want and fall in some unpredictable ways, but leave me with no doubt that all things are destined to be repeated. What worries me more is how we can be expected to cope with the frequency of the repetition; there are only so many times I can experience the end of the world before I give up. All your main characters die in tedious circumstances, there is never any hope and everyone experiences moments of internal angst and brooding solipsism, which do nothing to interest the reader and everything to bore me senseless. I would like to thank you emphatically for providing me with such treacherous writing that covers me with a dull shade from which to illuminate real talent.



2 responses to “50”

  1. kaykuala says :

    In 2 weeks you are done, all 52 weeks of hard work. I find good writing in your offerings. For one thing after reading your postings it sets me thinking about many things. That is a measure of a good posting, being able to impact on the readers. Excellent!

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