Part one

Until this point I did not believe you would make it this far. You had threatened to continue, but I had hoped that somewhere on the way you would learn the error of your ways. When I heard you were still at it, I hung my head and prepared to be raised to a point of anger that most can merely imagine, right now the veins in my neck are constricted in pain as they pump fresh bile to my throat and grist the mill of my embittered mind with thoughts of murderous rage. How dare you violate the sanctity of my thoughts, peace has been shattered and my soul left prone, shivering in the dank pit of your hateful prose. Leave me now and never returns…the pain, it streaks behind my bleeding eyes, as patterns of jagged spider webs slice vision into…NO! Stop…crawling pronouns chewing on my face….the adjectives…the horribly, devious adjectives are eating my eyes…can’t stand it…must…kill…destroy…reject…

To be concluded…


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