The importance of doing nothing…(dr who, pirates and staring at walls)

Was talking about Dr who today, despite the pirates, sirens and inter dimensional travel…it seemed a bit … well inconsequential. And I loved it. No world changing, universe ending, big plot moments. Just some pirates, on a boat feeling a bit unwell. I love small sets where little happens; my favorite red dwarf was marooned. I love writing short stories that hum along in a silent groove, not much happening, but the passage of time looked at from a slight angle, possibly the dusty corner round the back of a pub toilet or someone standing at a station waiting to get paid. The bits of nothing are blissful notes bouncing around the walls of sanity (sod it, I’ll indulge) but seriously…theres moments that we skip past every day without looking and not intending to go all Ferris Bueller, when you grab one of the bastards it feels damn good. You can stare at a wall for hours if it’s got the right feel. Some songs are the same, not much going on, but about everything. Not sure dr who was all that profound, but after all the cosmic urgency last week it was nice to mess around with a few pirates.



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