Mourning the dodging of many bullets

If I survive to be old,

I hope that by then society will have learnt that experience does not equal wisdom,

and that survival may only indicate the dodging of many bullets.

If they treat me with reverence,

let it be for my achievements and not from any misguided sentimentality,

they should chide me for my follies

and ignore my foolish advice, but without cruelty or intention to cause pain.

Leave me alone when needed and expect me to function as best I can,

it is a wickedness to control through care,

or to diminish through sympathy.

For now I shall run towards the bullets

and try not to wince if they scrape my skin,

I might need it when I am baggy.


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4 responses to “Mourning the dodging of many bullets”

  1. jessicamarie19 says :

    This is interesting – in the literal sense. It held my interest, made me think. I like that it is a new perspective (so much writing out there is not!). Intriguing point-of-view!

  2. tmso says :

    I liked “…ignore my foolish advice, but without cruelty or intention to cause pain.”

    So true. We want them to listen, but not

    • Roy Smith says :

      People struggle to often with the balance between reverence and cruelty…some. An only work at extremes and become sycophants or bastards…suppose I’m not that sentimental or nasty – maybe rational or vanilla at worst… I think the elderly should be treated with dignity, but that doesn’t mean putting them on a pedestal or dealing them as if the can do no wrong

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