Standing just behind me, breathing excitement with eyes full of wonder and curiosity. Dallying in a flowerbed or sniffing at some post or rock. She is there. Snoring by the radiator or dancing on her side, chasing invisible prey and waking with a surprised look. Following each piece of food with a longing gaze or barking at nothing and for no reason. She is there. Held close when things are hard and full of love for who we are. Expecting no more than a gentle breeze, some food and a bit of attention. She is there. Whether wrestling with a young one or engaged in polite ‘hellos’, meeting and sharing the day. Standing close beside us, to keep us safe from harm. She is there.

She is always there and though we might not always see; our shadow will never really leave.


Keisha, January 19th 2012 xxx


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