Laziness, apathy and the resurgence of brilliance

I have been having a lull.  A time of low productivity in creative spheres that is about to come to a crashing end.  I could blame my MA or general business and skulk around with a disheartened frown, but truth be told this is a traditional behaviour, caused by a tiny parasite that lives on the misfired neurons somewhere in my mind.

I picked up this bug after spending far too much time watching television and scrolling through pointless twitter updates.  Thats right, this was a MTD, a media transmitted disease – (although I think the appropriate term is infections)  Fortunately, I have booked myself into a mind clinic to have this thing removed once and for all.  Apparently it is a simple procedure that involves removing a section of my skull the size of a shoe and running a metal comb through my parietal lobe.  This will apparently either untangle the idea sucking mites from gray matters or kill me outright.

In the mean time, having noticed a recent surge of interest in my blog (three new subscribers in a week!!!)  May I direct you to for a piece of old…

and unveil…

In Which…

Everything is wrong with something, so there must be a better way of doing it? I plan to right our lazy obsession with failure by striving for perfection, the future needs dreams of better solutions…alright, some of them might be a little…tricky, but it’s got to be worth a go.

This weekly blog, will create work arounds, solutions and alternatives to the general rubbishy problems we face in the day to day rumble. The will never be restricted to the achievable, likely or mundane. This is future dreaming. This is Utopical.

Your problems are welcome for the solving, please bare in mind I specialise in minor problems, but will work up to world peace…need something solving? Then let me know, whether stone in your shoe, can’t get out of bed in the morning, forgotten the name of your bosses imaginary friend? I probably can’t help, but I can certainly give you some advice that is probably best avoided at:


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