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Johnny Plier’s Christmas Song

Many, many years ago

Johnny Pliers ran from home

He settled underneath a bridge

‘til hunger, cold and fear set in.

As the snow was melting fast

he felt a tickle in his heart,

but prayed the lord his soul would keep

despite the pain that plagued his feet.

He watched the water ebb on rock

as seagulls pecked shellfish in flocks,

and then a stranger passed close by

did see the figure, ‘how there?’ did cry.

He approached poor Johnny in the sand

the stranger came and asked the lad,

if he would share some bread and stock

fresh prepared in cauldron pot.

But Johnny blanched upon temptation;

he spied red skin upon his patron,

was this true generosity

or a devil risen from the sea?

He threw a stone back at the man

whose soup can sloshed as he ran,

cursing Johnny’s ungrateful manner

left lonely wondering was this in error?

Later as the stars were twinkling

grumbling guts and tide was slipping,

came Peter Face, John’s oldest friend

with quilt and coat for him to lend.

But Johnny swore that he did spy

a tail swish on the boy’s backside,

he shouted loud and waved him back

fearing to climb in satan’s sack.

Peter turned and headed home

wished himself he’d never come

stuck fingers to the pious fool

who shivered, lonely, bitter cold.

As midnight bells did softly chime

his head in hands, tears couldn’t dry

a voice awoke him from his grief

his father stood to broker peace;

‘Come my son, this needn’t be

no need to run and hide from me’

but yellow horns, John thought he saw

an evil sign of demon spawn.

So Johnny grabbed his stout wood stick

and beat the man who’d tried to trick

and as he watched his father run

was sure that this was right he’d done.

Hungry, cold in shaking fright

Poor Johnny wept and starved all night

And there he froze and slowly died

His soul he hoped would heaven fly.

Roy Smith 2009