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Rant #140415 ‘The Real People’

He says he’s working for ‘the real’ people.
Well that’s me fucked then.
I am a robot,
a symbiant,
a withered apparition,
the collective expression of other people’s ideas,
jammed into a man shaped hole and trapped there.
I am the product of a system,
and he would not like to meet me.
There might be discussion,
or disagreement,
I might offend his religious devotion to a set of ideas,
to the principles of his private club,
set up for ‘the real people’,
the ones who agree,
who play nice,
who appreciate his practiced smile.
They flock around and their saviour,
scrape and bow,
until something changes,
and they are not ‘real people’,
or he finds himself less ‘real’,
exposing the lizard within,
hidden inhumanity tends to frighten the electorate,
so best keep that skin suit zipped mate,
and don’t look too deeply into their eyes,
or they may see the monster inside.
I am happy in my tin,
immune to the disease of ‘the real people’.
I am no longer flesh and bone, waiting to be ground,
I see,
I think,
I feel,
but I will never be ‘real’.

Broken promises

kick out as they get stupid
whilst you sacrifice their brains
financing all that’s needed
to have your wicked way
and later when the air is clear
and no one left can speak
what lead us to this other place
where all that’s left is drink?
anaesthetised to action
by playing simple rules
at least we’ll learn to hate again
taught well by imbeciles

Broken promises

Broken on the walking daily,
slipped up, chucked up, spent on stuff
and never thought they’d have to do it.
One said he’d do it anyway, though he thought it wrong;
at some point that was the idea or something,
but no ones clear what changed.
At least, and now, like all the rest, he follows on for having some control seemed nice,
but don’t see nothing nice in here.
Manacles grip wrists tight,
hold him where he’s best kept safe,
as contributions are not best appreciated.